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Many students always ask the age-old question of “Why do I have to learn math?” You could probably fill a volume of encyclopedias with all of the uses of math. Everything you buy, touch, and see, was made using math. Yes, math even occurs in nature. Take a few minutes, sit down, and just look around the room. What do you see…books, chairs, sofas, food, pictures, carpeting, appliances, etc.? Each and everyone one of these things was created with some math concept. 

You cannot manufacture an item without math being used. How big does the product have to be? What machinery will be needed to build the product? How will it be packaged? How will it be shipped? How much do we charge for building the product? Would we have a better profit if we made the product smaller or larger? 


And let us not forget about our paychecks. Are they paying me what they said they would pay me? Are they taking too little or too much tax out of my paycheck? Will I have enough money after paying my bills to buy food?  


Seriously, I think you get the message by now. 


Math is an important aspect of our lives and we cannot afford to ignore that fact. Math helps us learn problem-solving techniques that can be applied in our everyday lives and even in all of our classes.  


Math plays a large part in research, especially statistics because it allows us to visually compare and contrast topics we are discussing.  


Math is a part of many careers: architects, scientists, chemists, computers, biologists, mechanics, and the list goes on. 


Math helps us be successful in the world in which we live.